We are delighted that you chose to visit Living Faith Windsor's Church website, 
and we welcome you to it.

Living Faith Windsor Seventh-day Adventist Church is a vibrant, multicultural congregation of over 40 members and families, representing many countries of origin. This significant attribute, combined with Christ's love in our hearts, finds expression in the cordial atmosphere that characterizes our interaction with members and visitors. 

Our worship services, centered around the study and proclamation of God's word, are imbued with a sense of community and of joyful reverence in the presence of God. They embrace and address all people, regardless of gender, age, culture, ethnicity, social status or religious affiliation, for all are considered equal in the sight of God, our Father. 

We take pleasure in inviting you to experience worship and fellowship with us. It is our goal to make you will feel at home and welcome in our company, as together we gather around our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Hope to see you soon,